The fairy tale for kids “Sister of the Three Wizards”

The fairy tale for kids “Sister of the Three Wizards”

Once upon a time, magic was available to all living things on earth. But, one day the evil Sorcerer destroyed the magic source. The greedy Sorcerer wanted to become the sole master of all magic. He dreamed of ruling the Sun and the Moon, he had strong allies: the wind, the huge ice dragon, the old witch Winter. Only one thing was not taken into account by the evil Sorcerer, magic does not obey anyone, it is a good force that the Earth gives.

Who defeated the evil Sorcerer? How did magic come back to our world? You will find the answers in this book

I wrote this fairy tale for all people who love nature, flowers, animals and who love fairy tales.

This book contains 15 illustrations suitable for coloring with colored pencils. You can create your own unique version of this tale.

The book is available for reading in paper version at:

For fans of coloring, it is possible to purchase only 15 illustrations, without text. For printing and coloring. You can buy on my website:

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